Why Do we exist?

Straight Up Student Ministries exists because teenagers exist. We know that the years of adolescence
are some of the most formidable years of one's life. We want to make sure that our students
are getting a Biblical grasp on life while they are shaping their worldview. 

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to see students own their faith and glorify God. We want everything we do to point

Straight Up towards Jesus. We know that this can be a difficult time to walk and grow and we hope that students

build lasting relationship with each other and with Jesus so that they will carry their faith into their adult lives. 

We hope to prepare students to serve within their church, their school, and their community. 

We also hope to equip them to share the love of Christ to everyone they may come in contact with.

How do we

accomplish this?

We have a lot going on as a student ministry to help in the disciple making process. The main things we do in our discipleship efforts are our Sunday School classes and our Wednesday night program. 

Sunday School

On Sunday morning we have a class for 7th-9th grade and a class for 10th-12th grade. The main focus during these classes is Bible study. We believe that its good for students to not only read scripture but to understand it as well. We take time during Sunday School to dig into scripture as a group allowing ourselves to ask questions and to get to the author's intended interpretation of the scripture at hand.

Wednesday Night Youth Service

Our Wednesday night program is geared towards relationships. We believe that students need as many positive Christ based relationships as possible. Our typical Wednesday night program starts at 6:45pm and ends at 8pm. We usually start with a short game that gets students talking with one another while also relaxing them into a casual environment that is conducive to our discipleship efforts. Most Wednesday nights we have a 30 minute lesson followed by 30 minutes of small group time. You can read more about our small groups below.

Not each Wednesday night looks the same. We've broken the weeks of the month up like this:

On the first Wednesday we focus on evangelism. We encourage students to invite friends. Our youth band leads us in worship, the gospel is shared, and the students are encouraged to respond to the message in some way.

On the second, third, and fourth Wednesdays we focus more on discipleship. We spend a lot

more time in small groups discussing the lesson and the application on these weeks.

When we do have a fifth Wednesday, it is all about relationship building between the students and the adult volunteers who help make everything happen. We call it Fifth Wednesday Fellowship. Simply put, we enjoy each other's presence as we strengthen the Christian bond we have with one another.

Small Groups

Small groups meet every Wednesday night at the the end of service. Each small group is broken up by gender and age with an adult leader of the same gender. During this time we discuss what was talked about in the lesson and we discuss how it applies to our lives. We believe that we've set up our small group times to make everyone involved feel safe asking questions and feel safe sharing struggles. We also feel that this eliminates feelings of isolation when students realize they are not alone in their struggles and that they aren't alone in their questions.

Encounter Camp

Each summer we take our group to the Kiamichi Mountains in Talihina, OK for a week to worship with hundreds of other Free Will Baptist teenagers. This week is the highlight of the summer for a lot of our students. Encounter Camp is a life changing week for everyone who attends. Over the years we've seen many students come to know Christ during Encounter Camp and begin their new life as Christ followers. Each year we see students commit to a deeper relationship with Christ and commit to being the best missionaries they can within their schools. Several trips to Encounter Camp have resulted in students surrendering to the call of ministry that God has placed on students lives'. In case you haven't figured it out, we make big deal about Encounter Camp because it is a big deal.

Mission Trips

Most summers, or at least every other summer, we try take a mission trip. We want for our students to get an idea of the importance of mission work as well as getting them outside of their bubbles to see the need for the Great Commission. We know that with out short time in these places we can't reach everyone, but we can do our best to reach some as well as give our students a good grasp on the need to share the gospel everywhere they are and everywhere the may go.

Fellowship Events

We love to have fun! We believe the best kind of fun is the kind you share with each other through the name of Jesus. We also believe that the best relationships are built through events in which we have fun and enjoy each other's presence. Speaking of events we will try to keep an updated list of events at the bottom of this page. These can also be viewed on our main Events page here. Student ministry specific events are tagged with that label.

Upcoming Events

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...